Saturday, March 5, 2011

We had an awesome vacation!

Taking a short break in all the digi scrap posts to share some pictures with you from our recent cruise! This is our second cruise, the first being in 2008. I won't go into many details about the cruise, just that it had its pros and cons this time. I am going to show you our pictures so you can see for yourself all of our awesome, once in a lifetime experiences!

First day was a day at sea:

We stopped at Cozumel, Mexico on our second day. The excursion we chose for this day was swimming with the dolphins! This was absolutely one of the most fun things we did this trip!

The next day was a stop in Belize. My husband and oldest daughter went out cave tubing while I and my youngest relaxed aboard the ship (Jolene is too young to do this excursion.)

Next up was Roaton, Honduras. This was a spectacular island...really gorgeous!

The last stop of the cruise was Grand Cayman...Stingray City baby!

We still had one more day on the cruise, as the ship needed one day to get back to the Port of Miami. I spent most of this day getting packed and ready to disembark the next morning. We had one day in Florida. We flew out of Ft. Lauderdale, so we went to the Ft. Lauderdale beach late Sunday afternoon.


Lisa said...

Im glad no one got a tan while I stayed here in cold and snowy Michigan! lol Glad you all had a fun time. :)

Mima said...

Hola Joanna,
Great Vacation and Fab pictures. I like the Dolphine move Joanna. You look like a real natural. LOL The girls, like always look adorable. I also enjoyed your family picture. Thats a keeper, I am sure you'll framed it, if you haven't already. TFS, Mima

Moshie said...

Joanna! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation! Your beautiful daughters are growing up so fast! Love seeing all the awesome photos. Have missed chatting in PD4U! Hugs and God bless,