Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A couple of cutting files to share in gsd and wpc format

I went a little crazy making some digital cutting files for Valentine's day. This first one was not my idea. I just copied the idea from a file that I saw someone else had made. Mine is a little different, as it is all one piece. I made these for my two little sweetie girlies.


Here is one that I just thought was pretty...


I actually made a couple more, which I will share at another time. Hope you like them and can use them!


Mima said...

Hola Joanna,
Love your card, it self explanatory. I know that your sweeties will enjoy them, because you managed to include it all in one card, how you feel about them! Specially, with the adding of the two hearts, one for each of your cutie pies. Funny how love makes you creative. Love you flourish heart, its so intriate, and refine. You have a very creative mind. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweet girls.

Carol said...

I love the heart card. Fun. I will have to give it a try.

ANN said...

so cute I love all the new designs, and thanks for the PD4U post!!

DebbiB said...

Beautiful heart! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!!