Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Hunt

It is a Bains family tradition every year to go pumpkin hunting and then carve it up for Halloween. We usually go to the pumpkin patch and pick it off the vine. This year, Jolene had a field trip to the pumpkin patch. We could only pick a couple of the smaller pumpkins, just her size ;o) Here are a couple of pictures of Jolene at the patch...

Then today we went and picked out a couple of pumpkins at a stand in town. Now, these are the pumpkins that Navjoat and the girls will carve. One is 10 lbs. and the other is 15 lbs.

I'll post pictures next weekend to show you the carving fun!


Amber H. said...

How fun! We are planning to go next weekend, and your pictures got me even more excited! They look like they had a ton of fun! Can't wait to see them all carved up!

Mima said...

Great Pictures! Your girls are even more picture perfect. Bless your lovely girls.TFS Mima~

Aunt Nettie said...

awww...i miss these girlys...can't wait to see you guys later this month!

Aunt Nettie