Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jolene is 3!!!!!

My youngest darling daughter is now three years old. Time certainly has flown by. I used to hear all the time that I should cherish every moment, as they are fleeting. Now I can tell you for sure that is so very true. Here are some pictures that I took on Jolene's birthday. I am sure you can tell that she loves to have her pictures taken. :o)

This is Jolene the Friday before her birthday with her birthday crown from preschool.

Here she is opening up a couple of gifts.

Here is her cake. I was pretty proud of my cake decorating (this is my first time.)

And what's a birthday without a pinata?


Lisa said...

Happy B-day Jolene!!!!!
I LOVE your crown. You really are a big girl now. Hugs and Kisses, Lisa

Amber H. said...

Her cake is so cute! Great job on your decorating skills...I'm jealous! It's crazy how fast the time goes, huh? I keep telling my kids to STOP GROWING! It makes me sad :o( It looks like she had a blast on her b-day though!

Mima said...

Hi Joann,
Tell Jolene that I wish her a Happy belated Birthday. I love her party and that cake was marvelous. Jolene has a great Mom. Thanks for sharing.
Blessing Mima~

Jenene said...

Holy Cow! Did you make this cake????????

Aunt Nettie said...

wow, you are a cake maker too? what can't you do :)

Happy B-day Jolene-ee...i sure miss you guys! Can't wait to see you next month!