Monday, April 28, 2008

My second cutting file to share

I really love making these files. Converting them from WPC to GSD format is not too much fun, but I will do it anyway if someone can get some use from it :) However, I was just reading about how when you convert a WPC file to a GSD file, it could take up to 3 hours to cut! I think that is WAY TOO LONG and hope that these files do not take that long to cut. I have simplified the cut as much as possible before saving it. My new found friend, Lisa (her blog address can be found to the right under "Other free cutter files") told me she was having problems getting my first file to download. Please let me know if that happens to you so I can try to get it fixed!

Have a happy day! Click on one of the formats below to download the file from 4shared.

This file is now available at my Etsy shop...

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Lisa said...

Joanna, your files are great and thanks for the nice words about mine. Your right, we are both part of wishblade Yahoo group. About the email thing, I like to keep mine quiet. I don't want people sending me things I don't want or need to my real address. So what we should do is goto wishblade group and write me a short letter. You may want to title it Lisa or Risalenee. Then I can email you personally and you will have my email address then. Does this make since? lol Anyways glad to find another Michagander. Talk to you later.